7 Ways To Take A Walk On The Wild Side


Green Country is home to several attractions that animal lovers of all ages are sure to love. Explore one of the top-rated zoos in the country for families or get a glimpse of the underwater creatures of our world. Visit smaller animal attractions throughout Green Country where you can interact directly with friendly farm animals or more exotic species. Kiss a camel, feed a kangaroo, milk a goat or hug a llama while making lasting memories. Plan a trip to one of these destinations to take a walk on the wild side!


Tulsa Zoo

Ranked one of the top 20 family-friendly zoos in the nation, the Tulsa Zoo is a fantastic destination to explore the natural history of our planet through diverse habitat and wildlife exhibits. Among the most popular zoo residents are the African penguins and sea lions that enjoy showing off for visitors above and under water. Stop by the African Plains to get a look at the giraffes, lions, meerkats and the endangered white rhino. The Lost Kingdom exhibit, which is inspired by an ancient tropical city reclaimed by the jungle, is home to Asian elephants as well as many other endangered species, including Malayan tigers, snow leopards and Komodo dragons. Little animal lovers will enjoy the Children’s Zoo, which is home to small mammals like river otters, miniature horses and wallabies, and also offers a petting zoo where guests can interact with small farm animals. The Zoo is a must-see in Tulsa and one of Green Country's top attractions.


Oasis Animal Adventures

Prepare yourself for an animal encounter like no other at this interactive exotic animal attraction in the Grand Lake Area. The huge menagerie of creatures at Oasis Animal Adventures includes several hand-tamed exotic species such as camels, kangaroos, a spider monkey and even a sloth. Oasis is home to many unusual animals like North African sulcata tortoises, Yancey the Yak and Zola the Zebra, all of whom you’ll have the option to meet during your visit. At Oasis you can get up close to a camel, pet a zebra and feed a kangaroo. If there are baby kangaroos when you visit, you'll get to hold and cuddle them and may even be able to bottle feed them. Sally the Sloth is a favorite resident of Oasis and the baby spider monkey is a hoot! Watch lemurs caper about in their area, feed lettuce to giant tortoises, and pet a bearded dragon. There's so much to see at Oasis Animal Adventures.


Oklahoma Aquarium

Experience a world of underwater wonder at the region’s largest aquarium. With thousands of creatures in more than 100 exhibits, the Oklahoma Aquarium offers unique opportunities to get a look at some of the deep sea’s most elusive denizens, including a clear-sided underwater tunnel which passes through an enormous tank containing the world’s largest captive bull sharks. Marvels & Mysteries houses underwater oddities like seahorses, jellyfish and electric eels, and the Ozark Stream exhibit is home to small mammals that live in and around Oklahoma's lakes and rivers such as beavers, raccoons and river otters. They also offer a touch tank where visitors can have a hands-on experience with small stingrays and sharks, as well as interactive stations where you can feed some of the turtles and other animals, all of which is sure to make the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks a hit with families!


Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve

Built as the countryside hunting retreat of oilman Frank Phillips in 1925, Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve is now one of Green Country’s most popular attractions. In addition to its museum which houses a remarkable collection of western and Native American art and artifacts, the 3,700 acres of Woolaroc are home to both a wildlife preserve and a working ranch. Drive through their exhibit pastures between Bartlesville and Pawhuska to get a look at the more than 30 free-roaming species that call the preserve home, including longhorn cattle, elk, Japanese Sika deer, and a herd of more than 2,500 American bison! Their Animal Barn is a family favorite, giving the kids a chance to pet and interact with small critters like rabbits, goats and chickens. With other exotic species to see like llamas, ostriches and even zebras, this one-of-a-kind Green Country destination is a hit with animal lovers of all stripes!


Zoo Safari USA

Come see the huge menagerie of creatures at this unique Green Country zoo in the Hudson Lake Area. A non-profit which also operates as a rescue organization for exotic animals, Zoo Safari USA is home to many species rarely seen at larger zoos, from fennec foxes and capybaras to a white-eared marmoset named Gizmo. Other species on display include emus, large reptiles such as snakes and iguanas, tortoises, tree frogs and invertebrates. They also offer traveling hands-on experiences for groups and events, where kids can interact with some of the animals and learn about their habitat, diet and lifestyles from staff and volunteers. There is no fee to visit Zoo Safari USA, but donations to help support their ongoing rescue and education initiatives are welcome. Visit Zoo Safari USA and give an emu a neck rub, pet a hedgehog or touch a snake for the first time for a memorable experience.


GraysLland Acres

Meet the friendly llamas, goats and farm animals of GraysLland Acres in Pryor.  You won’t just passively observe the animals at GraysLland Acres, you’ll have the opportunity to really interact with them. Try your hand at milking a goat, hand feed a llama, pet a Great Pyrenees working dog that guards the farm animals and fall in love with all the barnyard animals. Kids love petting the friendly Nubian, Alpine and LaMancha goats and watching the adorable baby goats frolic around the barnyard. Take a tour of the Grayslland Acres farm and then browse the on-site gift shop and take home upcycled items made from feed sacks such as shoulder bags, backpacks and even garments. You'll also find lotions, soaps and lip balms made from the moisturizing goats milk produced on the farm. The owners say that some of the llamas act aloof, but their curiosity gets the best of them when visitors talk to them.


Zena Suri Alpacas

Have an up close and personal experience with a herd of 50 friendly Suri alpacas in the Grand Lake Area. You'll find that Zena Suri Alpacas is a family-friendly destination where everyone can enjoy the free tour. Stroke their silky fleeces, hug a long neck and you might even get to hear them humming contentedly to each other. Explore the pastures, paddocks and barns of the Zena Suri Alpaca farm and learn about the history and traditional uses of alpacas as domesticated animals. In addition to touring the farm and getting to know the alpacas, you can also arrange a guided pack hike with the alpacas in the surrounding countryside. After your visit, stop by the gift shop and take home a keepsake from your visit like alpaca fur trimmed hats and gloves, socks or alpaca yarn for your crafting projects. Crafters are welcome to make an appointment to come learn needle felting or how to spin yarn from raw alpaca fleece.


The whole family will enjoy a walk on the wild side to spend time with fascinating animals across Green Country. Whether it's the Tulsa Zoo, the Oklahoma Aquarium or one of the many smaller animal attractions of northeast Oklahoma, you'll build lasting memories of a fun encounter. Browse more information about Green Country's Zoos, Aquariums & Animal Attractions or check out our Family Activities or Watchable Wildlife pages.



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