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We've put together the answers to frequently asked questions about visiting Green Country Oklahoma. You'll find helpful information about all kinds of things that will make you better prepared when you travel here. Need to know about Oklahoma fishing license requirements? Looking for information about our roads and turnpikes? We've got you covered with answers to these and other frequently asked questions about Green Country.


Are fishing licenses required in Oklahoma?

Yes, you'll need an Oklahoma fishing license in all bodies of water outside of private property unless you fall into one of the exempt categories. Resident and non-resident licenses are available for various lengths of time. Browse the various fishing license options and order online, or see a list of locations where you can purchase a license in Oklahoma. Generally, you can purchase a license at most Wal-Mart locations as well as Atwoods and many sporting goods stores. 


What hunting license options are there in Oklahoma?

Browse information about hunting license options offered by the Oklahoma Wildlife Department. You can find information on hunting seasons and hunting regulations if you plan to include a hunting trip in your visit to Green Country. You can also use this game warden directory to help you contact the appropriate warden for an area you are interested in.


What toll roads are there in Green Country?

There are several toll roads in Green Country that make travel quick and easy. The Will Rogers Turnpike runs between the northeast corner of Oklahoma and Tulsa. The Turner Turnpike connects Tulsa to Oklahoma City. The Muskogee Turnpike runs from I-40 through Muskogee and on to the southeast side of Tulsa. The Creek Turnpike will help you skirt around the traffic of metro Tulsa, forming a partial beltway around the south and east sides of Tulsa. The Cherokee Turnpike follows the route of Highway 412 from Kansas, Oklahoma near the Arkansas border to Locust Grove, OK. If you have a KTag from Kansas or a Texas TollTag account, they will work seamlessly on Oklahoma turnpikes. Find more information about Oklahoma Turnpikes.


How can I stay aware of the weather in Green Country?

The weather in Green Country can change rapidly and become severe, especially in the spring and early summer months. Severe storms can happen beyond the normal storm season, as early as February and as late as November, and ice storms occasionally happen during the winter, so staying weather aware year round is important. There are several weather apps that visitors can use on their mobile devices, and the Tulsa-based TV stations also offer weather apps such as Storm Shield from KJRH that will alert users in case of danger. Travelers can also tune their radios to FM 102.3 KRMG to hear weather alerts.


I'm bringing my boat, what regulations do I need to be aware of?

Many of the basic Oklahoma boating regulations are common across the U.S. such as requiring a personal flotation device for each passenger and making it illegal to operate a boat while intoxicated. One regulation to be aware of is that no child under the age of 12 may operate a boat or watercraft and those between the ages of 12 and 16 are required to have a certificate of completion from a recognized boating course with a proctored exam. Children between the ages of 12 and 15 may operate a personal watercraft if visually supervised by a responsible adult. Find more information about Oklahoma boating laws here.


How do I know if there is a burn ban in effect?

See the current burn ban map from the Oklahoma Division of Forestry Services. Most campgrounds will also display signage or provide information about any fire restrictions that might be in place. Please help us protect our public lands by always practicing safe fire habits.


How can I check water quality conditions in Green Country's lakes?

Search for the lake you are considering visiting here to find any notifications about water quality, especially blue-green algae updates. 


Who can I contact with questions about visiting Green Country?

Green Country Tourism staff is happy to help you with any questions you may have about planning your visit. Call us at (918) 744-0588 or email us at  



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